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The Carefree Comb

If washing, conditioning, or detangling are your least favorite steps in your haircare process, then the Carefree Comb was made for you. Just put your favorite hair product in the spine, mix with a lil water, and squeeze. Now you can detangle faster or start your hair routine outside of the shower :)


How do I know if this is for my hair?

Do you have to use a lot of product to get enough slip for a comb or brush to detangle your hair?

Do you have to mentally prepare to detangle your hair because it takes forever?

Do you decide not to wash your hair as often as you might need because the process feels like an ordeal?

Do you regularly spend a lot of money on expensive hair styles because taking care of your hair requires so much time & effort?

Would it make your life easier if part of your conditioning or detangling routine could be done outside of the shower?

If any of these were "yes," then the Carefree Comb was created for you :)

When are you expecting these to ship?

We're expecting to ship these out in March 2024

When do we get a brush??

Whew----Working on it. There are a few product-dispensing brush that are coming out from other companies, but we're designing one that's a lot more user-friendly. 

Have you thought about this concept for men?

Yes, we're working on a design specifically for beards. Stay tuned :)

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