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Love the idea, BUT why is this comb 40 dollars????

Thanks for asking! Here's how we got to the price:

1. Since we're making the Carefree Comb in the United States, our manufacturing costs are more expensive than products that are manufactured in other countries. 

2. Because the Carefree Comb is patent-pending, we want to protect it as much as possible from getting knocked off, and those odds are better when its made in the US.


3. We're a small company! Big companies usually keep costs low by ordering millions of the same product to be manufacturing at once. Shukrah can't afford that yet!

But ride with us til we get there :)

I get that this is a preorder, but when are you expecting these to be out?

We're looking to have theses shipped out around Christmas season 2023. If there are any delays, OR if we can get them out early, we'll be communicative about that and keep you updated. 

I don't think this is for my hair, but I want to support.

What can I do?

The Carefree Comb would make a great gift for:

anyone you know with a lot of hair or wigs,

any parents who spend a lot of time doing their or their children's hair,

people with disabilities, people who travel a lot,  and homeless shelters.

When do we get a brush??

Working on it :) There are a few product-dispensing brush that are coming out from other companies, but we're designing one that a lot more user-friendly. 

Have you thought about this concept for men?

Yes, we're working on a design specifically for beards. Stay tuned :)

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