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For those who want to start that business or passion project, but have no idea where to start 

I'mma be honest, this list probably won't change your life (but maybe it will). I get a lot questions but how I decided to start this business and actually go for it. This is a list of questions that I asked myself and they were fundamental to me taking this leap. Here's how I think you should use it:


Answer one question per day. No pressure. No rush. Give your self the mental and physical space to think about your answers and reasonings deeply. Keep your answers somewhere visible: sticky notes on your mirror, notes on your refrigerator, your notes app, a notebook or a message thread sent to yourself. The point is that the answers don't become dust you forget about, but they actually help jumpstart you stepping into whatever it is you want to pursue. I believe in you. You deserve all good things. 


What was something that inconvenienced you this week? What kind of project or business can solve this issue?


What are 3 words that define your personal values?


When you were a child, what songs brought you peace or made you feel safe? If you can’t think of music, list movies, TV shows, or books. Now go make a playlist :)


Who are your virtual mentors? The people you follow or know of who seem to have the traits you want. Name those traits. BONUS: Write about how those traits exist in yourself and how you can grow them further.


Make a list of what you’re good at. How does what you’re good at show up in your life?


Make a (no judgement) list of what you’re bad at. Find 1 book or one class that can help you improve in your challenge area. If available, find someone in your community to read the book with or develop an accountability plan.


Why do you want to work on this business or project? What’s stopping you?


What’s your dream for yourself? Why? Think as big as possible.


Whatever the dream was from 8, find a community (a Facebook group, a Slack channel, a local club, etc) of people who are also looking to achieve that dream.


What would success feel like to you?


Create a dream evening routine for yourself within the current parameters of your life.


How much money do you need to get your idea off the ground? If you don't know, do some research to get an estimate (it's usually less than people think)

(For me it was project management. I was always a really good writer, but where it always fell apart for me was managing and prioritizing my tasks. I knew that if I wanted to be an effective CEO, I had learn the how to work with myself to develop the habit of a great project manager.

Are you naturally an early bird that works best in the mornings? If so, what does a good wind down routine look like for you to be best prepared for the next day? Are you more of a night owl? If so, what’s a evening routine that can energize you while also setting boundaries for what you might need to accomplish in the morning?

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