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What I know for sure: everything looks dreary and that's ok!

What I know for sure December 10 2022

I got laid off 4 days ago. What’s strange is that it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel good. Around 8am that day, I was writing and I prayed that I wouldn’t have to continue working there for long. 2 hours later, I got the notification that I was being laid off, and the first words I said were “Thank you.” I don’t have an income right now and the year is ending. So many people in tech have been laid off in the past 8 weeks, and the price of groceries is getting higher. Also, I no longer have my car for a while. For those keeping score at home, that’s: no job, no car, insurance running out in 2 weeks, high competition for jobs, while the cost to eat is getting more pricey, and somehow, the rent is still at the same time in the same place. Yikes. On the outside, this looks really…dire.

But oddly, I feel alright. I can’t fully quantify why I feel so good, but maybe it’s because I feel so aligned. Getting laid off after having written that diary entry / prayer (maybe I’ll share it one day? Would you wanna read it?) was affirming. There’s been a lil anxiety because of my credit card bill, but I’m in a place where, if I needed to, I could pay that off today, thankfully.

There’s a lot of uncertainty right now. There’s a part of me that’s exhilarated by it, to be honest. I had another meeting with my designers 3 days ago, and it looks like The Comb, might be completely different than I originally imagined it. That’s…anxiety inducing. At the end of the day, I just want the comb to be effective and easy-to-use. I just want to serve my community with a great product we deserve. The stakes are so much higher now that I’ve just been laid off.

What do I know for sure at a time when I know nothing for sure? Well. What I know for sure is that even when everything is crumbling around you, if you are where you’re supposed to be, then that big problem is really just the hind side of a big opportunity. Keep going.

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